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XRP Ripple Coin Price Predictions from Tradingview

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  • On the hourly chart for the XRPUSDT, the price appears to be pulsing up to a HH of 3 for a potential drop to red (4). Now the red (4) area could either become a HL, which would set the price to move higher into the region of 0.5400, or turn into a LH, which would then follow the lower high of circled 3 down to potentially break 0.5097. For now, the aim is for a HH, the 3, which is 0.5363, to develop and to see if it will be a positive HH to its L or negative to […]
  • XRPUSDT looks bullish overall but there could be one more drop as the price is at the key resistance. If we get it, 0,45 $ – 0,42 $ is where the long position may be taken. Target: 0,71 $ After reaching the target, we expect another pullback . Good luck
  • Thr highloghted zone is important to hold, but its weekend and all so propably will melt, indicators also suggest such actions
  • Symmetrical triangle on XRP chart is broken up. Asset broke trough the resistance level. Bullish movement to resistance level at 0.5465 is expected to happen.
  • XRPUSDT Short Position XRPUSDT taking an breakout on uptrend trendline ( Conclusion it's an Prediction )
  • Logarithm. Time frame 1 day Part of the secondary trend, the upward channel zone of 394 days (13.13 months. Second year of the SEC-court FUD story). A symmetrical triangle is forming in the uptrend channel. A decoupling is coming. Percentages to key local support/resistance levels are shown on the chart. Launching "expert opinion tales" in the manner of: "a fair price" on XRP if not “sued” by the SEC from $908 to $513,000 per coin!) 🐳🗣Such reassuring nonsense for sectarians has 2 objectives: 1️⃣ 🔴 Keeping the price in the drop zone 2️⃣ 🟢 Psychological preparation for future dump , […]
  • bye bye scam ? may be ? it's a possibility ? i don't know… may be some day in the future…
  • On High TF we can see that the coin stays strong comparing to other Alts. Weekly Close above 100 ema (blue one) will confirm that the coin is bullish. Also we should keep in mind the fact that on W TF #XRP closed above 200 ema, which is also a bullish sign. Long position I would open when the coin will test 20 ema and/or 200 ema (or support line) on D TF. Prices there are: 0.4933 – 0.4463 Expecting TP: 0.588
  • XRPUSDT (Coming Short Downtrend & After Long Uptrend) Key Level of XRPUSDT in 1 Day timeframe is 0.5485 act as resistence and strong uptrend going on
  • apparently the 14th is going to be fun with the fed meet and rumours of ripple settlement 5590 is our level to flip and 200 ema below good spot to bid already in this since yesterday for now waiting to see this H4 close did not want to miss the breakout so hopped on early If there is one.. will be lots of buy orders triggered above 5900

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